Commission Plans Terms & Conditions
1. Kraftly does not charge any fees for listing items for sale. Kraftly only charges a commission, for each transaction fulfilled on its platform. Such commission shall be based on the ‘Commission Plan’ selected by the seller.

2. The default ‘Commission Plan’ that shall be activated upon a seller signing up the platform, “Kraftly Starter” shall entail a commission of 20% of the sale price for each transaction fulfilled on the platform.

3. Under commission plans, we have options other than the “Kraftly Starter” for sellers who wish to avail specialized marketing services. These being:
Kraftly Select: Ideal for sellers who are looking to grow their online sales. Kraftly will actively promote products and stores on this plan on paid and social media channels such as Facebook & Google. Commission of 30% is charged under this plan.
Kraftly Select Plus: This is an invite-only plan. It is ideal for sellers who are looking for a boom in their online sales and establishing their brand. Sellers on this plan get all the benefits of the Kraftly Select Plan plus, exclusive access to additional online and social media marketing. Sellers also get preferential placement on the Kraftly website & app. A commission of 40% is charged for orders received under this plan.

4. Premium plans are applicable for minimum period of 30 days. Sellers can opt out of a premium plan anytime after 30 days.

5. Upon selecting a ‘Commission Plan’, the seller shall be charged the applicable commission (corresponding to such Commission Plan), for each subsequent order/ transaction received on the platform, from the date of selecting the ‘Commission Plan’.

6. The seller may view the history of the ‘Commission Plan(s) that were chosen from the date on which the seller signed up on the platform, on the sellers’ web panel.

7. The seller may opt for/ select a ‘Commission Plan’ that includes/ offers certain marketing services, to promote the seller’s products, thereby driving higher sales for the seller. However, the seller hereby agrees and acknowledges that Kraftly does not guarantee the number of orders the seller may receive, by opting/ selecting the ‘Commission Plan’ that includes marketing services.

8. The selected ‘Commission Plan’ will supersede the previous ‘Commission Plans’ opted by the seller anytime before on platform.

9. Kraftly reserves its right to amend/ modify the ‘Commission Plans’, at any time, without compulsorily obtaining any consent from the seller. Such amendments/ modifications may include, but will not be limited to: (i) Exclude certain products/categories from a ‘Commission Plan’; and/or (ii) Increase or decrease the commission rate on specific products / categories.

10. In the event of any such modification to the ‘Commission Plan’, Kraftly may notify the seller about the same, via an e-mail, or by updating this page and/or other means.

11. In addition to the commission, Kraftly shall charge GST on Commission for any transaction fulfilled on its platform.

12. The commission and the GST, shall be deducted from the sellers’ settlement once the order is delivered.

13. Kraftly reserves its right to choose the marketing channel and strategy to promote the products or shop.