Kraftly Ads Network – T&C
1. Any seller registered with Kraftly can choose to opt in for Kraftly Ads Network to get increased visibility on Kraftly, Google and Facebook.

2. Whenever a seller receives an order through Kraftly Ads Network, they are charged 0% commission.
Note: Last click attribution will be taken into account when an order is to be marked for 0% commission.

The commission structure for Kraftly Ads Network will be as follows:
1. Commission- 0%
2. Transaction Fee- Rs. 35
3. RTO fees- two-way
4. Shipping Fee- Rs. 70/- (learn more)
5. COD Fee- Rs. 70/- (learn more)
Note: Orders received directly on the marketplace (not through your advertising on KAN) will be charged as per your ongoing opted-in commission plan.

3. We guarantee only visibility and clicks (traffic). Signing up for the Kraftly Ads Network does not guarantee orders. Orders depend on many factors other than just Ads such as product images, description, pricing etc, which we cannot monitor or control. Kraftly cannot guarantee clicks on a displayed ad, or subsequent sale on a listing if it is clicked.

4. Kraftly Ads Network manages campaigns to optimize results on a monthly rather than a daily basis. That means that your Ads may exceed your average daily budget by up to 20% on any given day.

5. When the ad budget amount is spent, you will have to recharge your account for the ad campaigns to run again. You will receive notifications if your Ad budget is nearly or completely spent.

6. If you are not getting product/shop views and you still have some leftover budget in your ad account, your Ad budget will be transferred to next monthly cycle. However, any budget cannot be carried forward for more than 90 days. There will also be no refunds of ad spends or leftover budgets at any time.

7. We recommend that you run campaigns for at least 90 days to see visible benefits.

8. By signing up for KAN, you automatically agree to Google and Facebook’s Terms of advertising, including Google Shopping policies and AdWords Terms and Conditions. Violations or breach of terms of any of these policies will cause your Ads to be suspended or terminated from your campaigns.

9. Kraftly Ads Network charges you on a cost-per-click (or "CPC") basis for ads on Facebook and Google and you shall pay from your Ad budget on the basis of the clicks your Ads receive. Featured listings on are charged on a daily basis and deducted from your ad budget.

10. Our ‘Estimated Clicks’ is only an estimate based on our records. We do not guarantee the same number of clicks on any Ad plan.

11. In case of any dispute, Kraftly’s data will prevail.

12. Offers:
Google 3000 Offer
• Rs. 3000 Google bonus is a spend match coupon you get when you sign up for Kraftly Ads Network for the first time: The bonus will be added to your account when an amount equalling or higher than INR 3000 is spent on Google on the Ad plan you purchased.
• The bonus can only be availed by newly created Adwords accounts.
• If your account is older than 14 days, the bonus will not be applicable.
• The bonus is only available for our Gold and Platinum plans.

Facebook 6500 Offer
• $100 (approx Rs. 6500) Facebook credits are offered when you sign up for Kraftly Ads Network for the first time.
• Your eligibility to avail the plan depends on criterias set by Facebook.
• If you've advertised on your Facebook page before, you're not eligible to avail this bonus.
• The bonus is available for all 3 plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

13. Kraftly reserves the right to reject or remove any Ad for any reason, with our sole discretion. Ads may not include content that infringes or violates the rights of any third party, including copyrights, trademarks, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights. In case of any violation or infringement of rights of any third party, you hereby agree to indemnify “Bigfoot Retail Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” for any loss or liability.